Stephen Thompson, CPA | Senior Manager
Roles & Responsibilities:  My team is responsible for writing the firm’s Quality Control Manual and guiding the firm through “peer review” every three years. We also establish the accounting and operational policies summarized in the firm’s accounting manual.   
Favorite Food: Italian food, lobster, steak and most definitely pizza are my favorite foods!
Favorite Hobbies: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Reading, Hiking, Bowling, and Spending Time Near The Ocean
Why did you want to become an accountant? I started college in engineering because I was very proficient in math.  After the first semester I knew engineering was not for me.  I switched to business, and accounting was the logical choice.

Kyung Kim, CPA | Manager
 Roles & Responsibilities:   My team provides mainly tax services to clients.  We work with clients to help them understand their tax situation and assist them in resolving any issues with the IRS and/or state revenue agents. 
Favorite Food: 
Spicy food
Favorite Hobbies:
 Reading and watching Korean drama
Why did you want to become an accountant?
 In school, I found English difficult since it was my second language and Math was the only subject, I was able to understand.  

​Heidi Lehto, CPA | Manager
Roles & Responsibilities:   I am a manager in the tax department providing tax and accounting services to businesses and individuals. 
Favorite Food:  
Chocolate and anything from the grill.
Favorite Hobbies: 
 Spending time with my kids, traveling, playing games, going to the cabin, outdoor activities such as campfires, fishing and spending time at the beach. 
Why did you want to become an accountant? 
 I worked in finance and accounting in the U.S. Air Force and wanted to stay in the accounting field to help people and businesses.   

Brent Piper, CPA /ABV | Manager
Roles & Responsibilities:  My team's primary purposes is to provide tax and valuation services.  We focus on effective communication and at times, education to foster a successful client relationship.  Let's save some tax!     
Favorite Food:  
Sushi and Steak.   
Favorite Hobbies:
 Sports, The CAPS!, Fishing and the Beach!
Why did you become an accountant? 
 Accounting is a language of its own and it made sense to me.  I enjoy seeing and advising on the different strategies taken to accumulate wealth.

Ranjana Ramachandran, CPA | Manager
Roles and Responsibilities: My team specializes in the preparation of business, individual, trusts and estate income tax returns, as well as planning and financial consulting. We have diverse clients including real estate professionals, retail businesses, professional service firms and self-employed individuals. We understand our client’s needs and provide the best service to them. In addition, I work with our management team to mentor new employees.
Favorite food:
 Fish, seafood and grilled food.
Favorite hobbies:
 Love to Travel and explore nature, Spend time with the Family, Interior designing and sports
Why did you want to become an accountant: 
I love to work with numbers! My childhood dream was to become an accountant.​

Philip Stoler,  CPA | Manager
Roles & Responsibilities:   As a manager, I work with a team of professionals responsible for audits, reviews and compilations of financial statement engagements. The team works on these financial statement engagements in a variety of industries including the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Our team also prepares tax returns for several of these companies in both sectors. 
Favorite Food:  Pizza, ice cream and breaded chicken tenders (baked)
Favorite Hobbies: Watching Football; Bull Riding and Dance Concerts. Spending time with my
grandchildren and grand dog and watching TV with my fiancé. 
Why did you want to become an accountant? I enjoy helping clients grow their business.  And in the case of not-for-profits, I enjoy assisting them in fulfilling their mission and objectives. ​

Team Leaders

Neil Markowitz,  CPA | Manager
Roles & Responsibilities:   I work closely with clients in a variety of industries- Real Estate, Restaurants, Professional Service Groups, and other closely held businesses. Tax compliance and planning are the largest portion of my work, but I also enjoy consulting on the day-to-day financial decisions that challenge all individuals and businesses.
Favorite Food:  
I like to cook new things with my family. However, it doesn't get much better than a lazy Sunday with pancakes and bacon!
Favorite Hobbies: 
NBA/MLB social media, cashing in frequent flyer miles, listening to too many podcasts, and downtime with the family.
Why did you want to become an accountant? 
I love figuring out puzzles and tracking progress! I started scoring baseball games as a kid and the passion for statistics and organization has made me very happy with accounting!     ​

Solai Nagappan, CPA | Senior Manager
Roles & Responsibilities:   I lead a team of professionals responsible for auditing and design and integration of accounting systems for business clients both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  My team also does tax planning and returns for individuals, small businesses, non-profits, partnerships, trusts and estates.
Favorite Food: Any tasty vegetarian food
Favorite Hobbies: Yoga, Traveling, Reading, Listening to Music & Watching TV
Why did you want to become an accountant? I enjoy interacting with diverse clients and assisting them in achieving their financial goals and objectives. 

Lydia Colston, CPA | Manager

 Roles & Responsibilities: My team is responsible for audits, reviews and compilations of financial Roles statement engagements for a variety of industries in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. Additionally my team also prepares tax returns for business’s in these sectors and for individuals.
Favorite Food: Anything dessert related!
Favorite Hobbies: Horseback riding, reading and walks with the family.
Why did you want to become an accountant? I first wanted to become an accountant because it is a profession that can work in pretty much any industry and the variety of choices appealed to me.  I also like the fact that the profession is continually evolving and I am always learning new things!